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You may have noticed that the vast majority of pre-made ghostwritten novels here at the Ghostwriter Café are within the Romance genre. There’s a really good reason for this …

Romance is the Biggest-selling Genre

At the Ghostwriter Café, we want you, our clients and authors, to be successful publishing your novels. So we skip the genres with the least number of readers and head right into the largest market possible—and that is solidly the Romance/Erotica genre.

Romance novels continue to be the biggest selling genre by far of any category, consistently outselling other genres like Mystery/Thriller nearly 2 to 1 and outselling Sci-fi/Fantasy fiction nearly 3 to 1  year after year.

Cross-genre Sweetens the Deal

Old-style thinking used to be that coloring outside the lines of your genre was a bad idea. Well, turns out that traditional publishers were the only one’s who didn’t like cross-genre stories because they really didn’t know how to market them.

Then along came authors like Piers Anthony in the 70’s and 80’s and other pioneers of cross-genre fiction and suddenly you had these books flying off the shelves. 

I read Split Infinity as a teen in high school and wanted more of this deeply cross-genre Sci-fi/Fantasy/ Romance series. It was ground-breaking writing for its day. Writing I suspect my mother would have reeled in horror over had she known that the hero of the novels I was reading as a teen was having steamy sex with an android. Again, this was the 70’s we’re talking about here.

Romance Alone Doesn’t Sell Books

Okay, traditional romance does sell if your audience is the Hallmark Channel. But pairing romance with different genres is where readers are at these days. Falling in love with an evil witch or warlock, getting “taken” by some vampire (oy, I hate these kinds of titles),  or falling in love with the prince of the galaxy, all of these tropes and cross-genre stories are intensely popular with today’s readers.

In fact, you really need to be pairing numerous genres to even appeal to a good segment of readers these days.

When we write a story, we’re typically targeting an audience that is open to seeing something more than just traditional boy-meets-girl romance.

Are Certain Tropes a Turn-off for Readers?

Yes and no. You will still find the largest number of readers consuming traditional romance, but the market is changing. Millennials are quickly becoming the largest market segment for all readers of whatever genre and these readers are far less turned off by a trope or genre that doesn’t match their personal sexual orientation.

For instance, a sci-fi romance where the hero finds themselves in a love triangle that eventually becomes a threesome is a believable and interesting “ship” within the context of a good story. The  genres of sci-fi romance mixing the tropes of a menage and even same-sex encounter is quite interesting to more and more readers in the same way that all of us fell for Fifty Shades of Grey’s introducing us to BDSM. People found it interesting and wanted to buy it by the millions. Are we as readers interested in such a relationship in our personal lives? Probably not; but it is fun or at least interesting to read about it as an escape.

Tailored Stories

At the Ghostwriter Café, we have to ability to tailor stories to your personal tastes as well. If one of our pre-made novels isn’t your cup of tea, we can write one that solidly is your fantasy and harbors all of the specific genre(s), tropes, and plot twists you can imagine.

Contact us to see if we can write a story you will absolutely love to put your name and brand behind.


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