Easily add a new Income Stream
for your brand.

Are you ready to expand your brand? Add a new income stream? Increase your notoriety and visibility? You can do all that, and more, by becoming a best-selling author. Let us help you.

At the Ghostwriter Café, we work with influencers, content creators, and performers who have a following or audience of people who love books and love to read.

We don’t just write your novel and leave you wondering what to do next. We become your publisher to sell your new novels under your brand with hard-hitting marketing designed to earn exceptional royalties 

You don’t have to lift a finger. We handle all of the details of selling so that you can focus on what you do best—communicating with your audience.

Today's Menu

Pre-made Novels ~ $9,500
with 70/30 Publishing Services

Always our finest selection of ghostwritten stories you can make your own. Includes our customary 70/30 publishing services.

B.Y.O.B. ~ $4,800

Bring your own book. We'll help you edit and publish it using our 70/30 publishing services.

~ Additional $0.45 / word charge for story grooming and customizations.

Pre-made Novels
Without Publishing ~ $35,000

For those who just want the book without our help to publish, select from any of our pre-written novels.

Custom Novels ~ .75/word
w/ 70/30 Publishing ~ .25/word

Need a custom story created just so for your personal taste? We do that! Full work-for-hire or with our 70/30 publishing services.

Getting Started

1. Select one of our pre-made or custom novels.

The first step in your journey to becoming a bestselling author is to select one of our professionally written pre-made stories and make it your own. We will customize the story to your specifications, changing titles, character names, adding scenes, or whatever you like that makes the story yours. Or you can change nothing—it's up to you.

Or, have us create a completely new novel or even non-fiction book for you from the ground up. We'll take your ideas and turn them into a fantastic book you'll love to put your name and brand behind.

Price includes basic story customization, cover and interior design, copyediting, and the setting up of your publishing and marketing campaign.

Then we become your publisher and marketing team with you keeping a lion's share of 70% of all net sales. You would never get this kind of publishing and marketing arrangement with a traditional New York publisher; and they'd never allow you to keep anything close to a 70% share of the sales.

Pre-made: $9,500 per novel with publishing
Custom: $0.25 per word with publishing

2. Pre-sales Marketing

This important step in the sales cycle is where we build buzz for your new book. The details of this market planning are confidential until you become a client. Then we show you how we tailor this marketing to your specific audience and branding.

While no one can predict what this pre-sales marketing will produce, the goal will be to cover your intial investment and get your following exceited about your new book. It is during this phase that we also begin collecting reader data to help you market future novels.

Pre-sales Target is 5% to15% of your following.

3. Go nuclear on Amazon.

After a success pre-launch, your fans will be buzzing about your new book release. Those who didn't purchase in the pre-launch phase will now be able to buy your book on Amazon. Again, the marketing of this phase is confidential until you become a client.

The numbers at this phase of promotion can be startling for several weeks where we use Amazon to rocket your book to bestseller status. Again, no one can predict nor guarantee how well any one novel will sell, but we put a marketing plan in place that will be impressive.

Sales Target is 10% to 20% of your following.

4. Repeat with a sequel.

Once you're a successful bestselling author, don't let up on your momentum. Hire the Ghostwriter Café for a sequel, a trilogy, or even a whole series. The most successful authors are those who push their successful first novel into a series that fans want to buy. Most readers prefer a series, so you may want to launch out of the gate with a trilogy and then build your series from there.

A Successful author begins with a strong story,
and finishes with an equally strong marketing plan.

You can hire anyone to write you a story or a novel and it will be anyone’s guess as to how well that story will be written. Maybe it will be okay, maybe it won’t. 

Our clients do not have that problem when they hire us because they already know the quality and the level of professionalism that goes into our work as published authors.

Once you have your novel ready to go, how do you market it in a way that will pull in strong sales? 

Anyone can ask their followers to buy a book, but this isn’t the best way to approach marketing and just asking people to buy your book could cost you millions in missed sales.

You need a comprehensive marketing plan as well as a really good book to sell to your fans.

Book marketing is a complex dance of planning and execution that requires expertise and deep knowledge of how books are sold online. 

At the Ghostwrite Café, We handle all of this for you. 

Contact us. 

Purchase one of our pre-made ghostwritten stories. We’ll groom the story to your liking, or just publish it as is. 

Then we’ll work our ghostly magic in making you one of Amazon’s bestselling authors with a new income stream that will have your audience coming back for more and more of your books.

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