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Yes. Absolutely. If you already have a publisher, or you just want to go it alone, we get that. We offer all of our novels and stories for sale as a “work-for-hire” arrangement. No licensing. You own the rights to the story outright, 100%.

We simply offer our publishing services as a full-service publisher to make sure you are successful as an author.

See Our Menu page for prices to purchase a story without our publishing services.

Unfortunately, yes. At the Ghostwriter Café, we want you to be a successful, best-selling author. As such, we approach every client like a business partnership, just like any publisher does with a new book deal.

First we look at who you are and your brand. Then we look at your audience demographics and size to see if our stories would be something they would be rabidly interested in buying. Not every influencer, content creator, or performer is a good fit to promote themselves as an author.

If we believe you and your audience are a great match, we’ll jump at the chance to do a great book deal with you. The last thing we want is to disappoint a client because they experience low sell-through because of lackluster interest from their audience in buying their novels.

That being said, we’re the kind of people who are open to experimenting within the market. It never hurts to talk and see how we can make you successful.

First of all, traditional book publishing is an outright scam in our not so humble opinion.

Given that, even with a new book in hand, getting into a traditional publisher is going to take you 18 months before they can publish it—and this is considered fast-tracked. This is not an industry that does anything quickly. 

And getting them to even notice you, will be next to impossible unless you have an inside connection.

Second, even if you get a publishing deal, the dirty little secret of the publishing industry is that the typical author sells fewer than 500 books—ever.  The typical New York publisher agreement pays an author maybe a $1,000, and that is all the money you will ever see from them—ever.  You would make less than $1 per copy of every book sold. This isn’t just sad, it’s criminal. 

At the Ghostwriter Café, we’re out to change how authors are promoted and how they are paid. Acting as your marketing and publishing team, we offer a 70/30 publishing agreement that pays you 70% of net sales as you promote your book to your audience. We will begin marketing and publishing within 30 to 60 days.

While every audience is different, publishing using our services offers you a much more substantial return on your investment.

The stories up for sale on our menu are not yet publish-ready. The purchase fee is used to prepare your novel for publication. This takes a whole team of people.

It generally takes 30 to 60 days to get a novel to the point that it’s polished and publish-ready.

First, a story needs to be groomed to your specifications. Once the manuscript is approved to your liking, the story is then professionally reviewed and copyedited by industry professionals. Then we use an elite design studio to create covers, book interiors, marketing collateral, etc., and all of that takes time and money.

And when we’re done, we know you will be impressed with the final product and your book will be something you will be proud to put your name and brand behind.

Every audience and every influencer is different. No two are exactly alike.

Out of the gate, we look for successful influencers with audiences in excess of 100,000 and preferably 400,000 or more. However, we will work with influencers with as few as 50,000 if their audience “engagement” is significantly higher.

We look for influencers who have charisma and an active (as opposed to passive) connection with their audience; people who have some, well, “influence” with their audience’s buying decisions.

We look for audiences who buy books and/or are at least open to reading a new book by their favorite influencer.

If you and your audience meet these criteria, we need to talk; because the Ghostwriter Café is very capable of delivering a new income stream to you that you maybe had no idea even existed.

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