Pre-made Ghostwritten Novels

Our stories are handwritten by talented American novelists who are published authors.

You Publish Under Your Author Name

Some of the world's most prolific authors use ghostwriters. Now you can too.

Earn Higher Royalties and Prestige

By collaborating with us, you'll earn much higher royalties than with a traditional publisher.

Our Approach

At the Ghostwriter Café, we work with successful influencers like you with followers who love books and love to read. Of course a successful author begins with truly great writing. Our ghostwriters are not just talented, but exceptional storytellers. Then we help you publish every step of the way. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best—which is communicating your brand.

1. Choose Your Novel or Series

Select one of our exceptional pre-written novels  from the Café's menu. We'll  customize it however you wish. We'll also help you with cover and interior design as well.

2. Pre-sales Launch

We not only create your novel, but now we help you publish it too with an in-depth marketing plan to maximize profitability.

3. Go nuclear on Amazon

After the pre-sales push, then we roll out your book on Amazon using the power of Amazon to reach readers outside of your followers to generate massive new sales.

4. Come back for a sequel

Our goal is to work with you on more than just one project. Once you see how successful your first book is, you'll want to come back again and again!

American ghostwriters who are themselves published authors.
Completely confidential. No one will know you used a ghostwriter.
Full-length novels that will thrill and entertain your audiences.
The most popular cross-genre stories in romance, paranormal, sci-fi, mystery, thriller, and more.
Unique handwritten unpublished stories that took months to write. Never AI generated.
Unlike traditional publishers, you'll earn the lion's share of the sales under our generous license agreement.

Full-length Ghostwritten Novels & Series

Preview our pre-written stories with confidential excerpts you can download to see and review our quality.

Beware Witches

Contemporary, Erotic, LGBTQ, Parnormal, Romance

The Colony — Trilogy

Erotic, Historical, LGBTQ, Mystery, Romance, Sci-fi


Contemporary, Erotic, Mystery, New Adult, Romance, Suspense / Thriller

Strange Magic

Contemporary, Erotic, Mystery, New Adult, Parnormal, Romance


Contemporary, Erotic, LGBTQ, Mystery, New Adult, Romance, Sci-fi


Contemporary, Erotic, LGBTQ, Mystery, New Adult, Parnormal, Romance, Suspense / Thriller

Vampire Boyfriend

Contemporary, Erotic, LGBTQ, Mystery, New Adult, Parnormal, Romance, Suspense / Thriller


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