At the Ghostwriter Café, we have more than just ghostwritten novels to sell ...

We also have the marketing expertise that can skyrocket you into becoming a bestselling author.

No one can promise you massive success in publishing, but we have the knowledge and the skills to deliver a product and a marketing plan that will deeply appeal to your audience.

If you're an influencer or the agent of one with a massive social media following, we should talk about collaborating and using our skills to create a novel or series your fans will love.

Do not sign a book deal with any major publisher. Ever.

If you’ve been approached by or you are thinking of approaching a major publisher for a book deal, don’t. 

They will simply use you and your following to make themselves money and you will likely get a small pittance as a royalty. 

It’s how the slimy publishing industry works. They make all the money and you’re left with crumbs. Don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of just because someone is a so-called Big-5 publisher.

In today’s world, there are better ways for influencers like you with your social media following to sell more of your novels and make more money doing so than a traditional publisher will ever pay you. Talk to us, we can show you their typical pathetic numbers and royalties.

Then we will show you how to market to your new book or series to your following in ways that guarantee YOU earn the lion’s share of the profits instead of some New York publishing firm.

Our Process

At the Ghostwriter Café, we make getting your new novel or series to market easy. We handle the marketing and publishing details so that you can focus on doing what you do best—getting your following excited about your new book!

1. Choose Your Novel or Series

Select from our exceptional stories that will please your following. Don't see a genre you like? Hire us to write one for you based on your ideas and outline.

2. Execute Our Marketing Plan

Our market planning is completely transparent. You will know from day-1 what will be happening and how you fit into every step of the sales cycle.

3. Sell Like Crazy

With our market planning, your book or series will begin outselling most every other author on Amazon and other platforms like Apple iBooks and Barnes & Noble.

4. Collect Royalties Monthly

Just like a traditional publisher, Ghostwriter Café will handle all of the details and send you royalties each month, not just quarterly. Then you can hire us for your sequels!

What Sets Us Apart

Knowing your customer.

Traditional publishers, booksellers, and marketplaces like Amazon never share customer information with you. By working with the Ghostwriter Café, we work to capture as much customer information as possible. We even find readers outside of you social media following so that you can market future books directly to a wider audience.

Exceptional storytelling.

We would put our work up against any award-winning author you can think of for an immersive plot, depth of characters, story uniqueness, and just having novels that are really fun to read. Our writers have consistent 4 and 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Unique marketing.

Anyone can sell a book just by telling their fans about it. That’s not marketing. And doing just that will cost you money and sales. Don’t leave millions sitting on the table. We execute a multi-faceted marketing plan designed to maximize your book’s sell-through and profitability.

We’re fun to work with.

Most of us enjoy working with people who love what they do; and we truly enjoy doing what we do—which is helping you become a bestselling author. Yes, there are contracts, licenses, and campaigns like any professional business will have. But we’re flexible, honest, and we like to keep the relationship upbeat and good humored. We want you love working with us so you’ll come back again and again!

A new, untapped income stream.

While no one can guarantee how well any book will sell, you know your followers better than anyone. Give them a story that fits who you are and one you know they will love. Your book could very well be the next multi-million dollar bestseller!

The Ghostwriter Café can help you get there.

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