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Naturally, the question on everyone’s mind is going to be: How much money can I earn publishing a book with the Ghostwriter Café?

It’s going to depend on you and your audience.

Every influencer is different and every following is going to be just as different. No two influencers and no two audiences are alike.

In traditional publishing every new book and every new author is a crap-shoot, a gamble, on how well the book will sell. No one is assured or guaranteed that a book is going to be a bestseller. There are so many factors that can influence how and where and why a new book is going to be received.

Even the best books can sometimes sell poorly one month while doing fantastic sales the next. It’s just how the market works in publishing.

No one knows your audience better than you!

It’s true. You built your audience from the ground up with your personality, your likes and dislikes, and with your topics of interest. You know best of all if your audience is going to be interested in reading a book with you as the author!

If you’re a financial wizard or business leader with tens of thousands following your financial advice, it makes sense that you will likely have a very deep and compelling story or advice to give within a book that people will want to buy and read.

If you’re a life coach with great advice or have stories to tell that give examples of how people persevered through tough times, it also makes sense that your following would want to buy your knowledge and stories.

We can help you write these kinds of self-help and inspirational books and also help you with publishing and marketing in a way that will earn you more money than if you just told your following “Please buy my new book”.

Is your audience into fiction?

At the Ghostwriter Café, yes it’s no secret that we specialize in romance novels. You more than anyone else will need to decide if you are the right influencer with the right audience who would love to buy fiction romance novels from you.

No, this isn’t everyone; in fact, it’s very probably a select few out of the millions of influencers out there. We understand that. We’re happy to focus on the select few.

So if you’re one of these authors with an audience that you think would absolutely love to buy a book you’ve written using one of our talented ghostwriters, let’s have a look at some numbers so you can decide if becoming a published author is right for you and your audience.

It’s all about engagement.

The typical engagement rates for any audience are between 1% and 15%. These numbers are all over the board in terms of people who “engage” with your advertising or whatever it is you’re selling and why they follow you.

If your following is 80% bot traffic and your actual engagement rate well below 1%, the Ghostwriter Café isn’t going to be a good fit for you. Unfortunately, there are a lot of influencers out there with this kind of artificial following.

Traditionally, micro-influencers with followings of between 10,000 to 50,000 see much greater engagement rates, often hitting the 5% to 15% mark routinely. A 5% engagement of selling your book to your following in the pre-launch phase alone could net you somewhere in the $25,000 to $125,000 range. Then we market your book on Amazon and use your influence to push these numbers even higher targeting readers who aren’t even in your audience.

Of course the numbers can only go up from there if you have an engaged audience that loves you and loves your work and are avid readers.

What do authors earn when traditionally or indie published?

The dirty little secret is that nothing happens quickly in the traditional publishing world. If your new book is even accepted among the millions of submissions the Big-5 receive each year, your story won’t be published for at least 2 years as the publisher puts you in line with all of their other scheduled authors.

The initial royalty check you receive will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,000, yes I’m being dead serious here. And then they will expect you to market what is now their book (because you just signed over your rights to it) to your audience. You will make maybe $1 per copy, if that much after their typical expenses are backed out of your royalty payments.

Most traditionally published authors sell less than 500 copies. Even with your following, the traditional publisher is going to take something close to 80% of the sales. 

We think this is nothing short of criminal.

At the Ghostwriter Café, with turn this equation upside down and deliver a publishing agreement that pays you 70% of the net sales. We deliver a marketing plan that works with you and your audience to generate pre-sales that traditional publishers cannot within their very regimented publishing models.

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Your new income stream from book sales doesn’t stop with the first book; the most successful authors sell books in series so that your readers are buying book after book from you.

These are the goal numbers we aim for when publishing your book. Contact us and sign our NDA, we’ll show you how we achieve these pre-sales numbers and even greater sell-through on Amazon than traditional publishers—if you have just the right audience. 

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