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Working Title: Vampire Boyfriend
Written: 2023
Print Pages: 350
Word Count: 90,000
Series: Single Book / Sequel Available
Ghostwriter: Ghostwriter Cafe
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Mystery, Suspense, Erotica, LGBTQ
Tropes: Vampires, Same-sex Relationships, Assassins, Paramilitary, CIA
License: Ghostwriter Cafe Limited Perpetual License


Why it’s a bad idea to date a vampire.

Blake Tanner isn’t gay. At least he never thought so. But when the straight as an arrow Southerner with the sexy Texas brogue ends up in an unexpected tryst with Jordan Belladonna, he begins entertaining thoughts about going steady with a new taboo ‘boyfriend’.

Well, that is until he finds out that Jordan has a peculiar affinity for the taste of blood and a rather nasty allergy—to sunlight.

Caught up in an inheritance battle with a furious little sister who wouldn’t think twice about hiring someone to bump him off, Blake discovers that Jordan has similar family problems of his own.

Someone’s killing off the Belladonnas.

Locked into not one, but two, family feuds with both young men targets for assassination, it leaves Blake wondering: is it really worth having—a vampire boyfriend?

Story Highlights

Vampire Boyfriend is a fun, messy, often light humored plunge into a paranormal sexy romance that will “suck” you into the convoluted lives of vampires stuck living in the modern era.

The plot thickens with an unfolding deep-dark mystery of assassination and double-crossing family who will stop at nothing to seize fortunes and power all to themselves.

When paramilitary security forces and the CIA insert themselves into the situation, all hell breaks loose in a climactic ending that will rivet readers to curl up on the sofa all night with this page-turner story until the very end.

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