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Working Title: Titans
Written: 2023
Print Pages: 260 per book
Word Count: 58,000 per book
Series: Trilogy / Series Available
Ghostwriter: Ghostwriter Café
Genres: Romance, Sci-fi, Mystery/Intrigue, LGBTQ, Suspense, Erotica
Tropes: Alien Invasion, Alien Sex, Love Triangle, Menage
License: Ghostwriter Café Limited Perpetual License


Can you fall in love with a girl 10 times your size?

When a small vessel crash-lands in the Kansas corn fields of a forbidden planet called Earth, it’s only occupant quickly discovers that he’s not alone; the inhabitants of this strange new world are gigantic! 

Shipwrecked and barely a foot tall compared to the other people, creatures, and vegetation, Zane quickly discovers he can’t survive on his own. Their backward world is lightyears behind his technology, but with a damaged ship he’s outsized and outgunned.

In a desperate move for survival, Zane knows he needs to find a friend and ally among this world’s primitive people, someone who won’t give him over to the authorities. 

But will the beautiful farm girl he’s found be able to keep his secrets? Even worse, will he be able to keep himself from falling in love with her?

Titans is a sexy, steamy sci-fi romance set in the modern era that will keep you on the edge of your seat with action, a deep unfolding mystery with plenty of intrigue, where wholesome country boys and girls find themselves caught up in an invasion of foot-tall people with an attitude problem and a deadly technology to back it up.

If you’ve ever been intrigued by a sizzling-hot sci-fi romance mystery that’s a little on the adventurous side, Titans will keep you turning the pages chapter after chapter.

Story Highlights

A contemporary twist on an alien invasion, this time the invaders are a foot tall. Titans takes the reader in a direction that is unique, interesting, and more than a little sexy. There are quite a few twists and turns within the epic trilogy of books that could easily be expanded into an entire series. 

Titans sports plenty of action, suspense, and a deep unfolding mystery combined with love-triangles and menage relationships that don’t always stay exactly straight or monogamous. If you like your sci-fi that’s a little on the wild side, Titans is sure to please.

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