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Working Title: The Colony
Written: 2023
Print Pages: 180 per book
Word Count: 35,000 per book
Series: Trilogy / Series Available
Ghostwriter: Ghostwriter Café
Genres: Romance, Sci-fi, Historical 1940’s, Erotica, LGBTQ, Mystery, Suspense/Thriller
Tropes: Nazi Germany Invades America, Ménage, Aliens
License: Ghostwriter Cafe Limited Perpetual License


What if Hitler had won?

When the Nazis discover an alien technology is within their grasp, they make a last-ditch effort to secure its power and turn the tide of certain defeat. D-Day never happens. The Allies are crushed and the stars and stripes that once flew over the White House is replaced with the draping banners of red, white, and black.

Still focused on global domination, the Third Reich is not yet all-powerful. An occupied America is still fighting back. The Underground resistance is fierce and determined to eject the Nazis from American soil.

But in their zeal to defeat the Allies, the Axis powers unwittingly unleash something even darker than their own souls; an evil bent on more than just the genocide of a handful of impure races—but the utter extinction of Humanity!

Colony is a cross-genre, classic science-fiction mystery romance set in an occupied America of the late 1940’s. An intriguing “James Bond” style blend of Americana meets Nazi Germany with a sci-fi twist, mystery-thriller undertones, and steamy hot erotic romance where not everyone is particularly straight.

Story Highlights

An EPIC sci-fi romantic trilogy, The Colony is a riveting page-turner for any romance or sci-fi fan. Set in the late 1940’s Nazi-occupied America, the mystery begins to unfold on page 1 and doesn’t stop as chapter after chapter unfolds a deep mystery of where and how Hitler secured the Allied defeat. But the story doesn’t end there as Hitler’s super weapon suddenly decides it prefers Human extinction.

Not everyone is who they seem in this roller-coaster of events as the story unfolds. There are many plot twists and shocking reveals that even the most read die-hard sci-fi romance fan will find hard to put down.

Numerous steamy tropes within the story will keep the reader engaged: first-time same-sex relationships, alien sex, invasion of Earth, military internal power-struggles, and more.

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