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Working Title: Taken
Written: 2022-2023
Print Pages: 350
Word Count: 90,000
Series: Single Book / Sequel Available
Ghostwriter: Ghostwriter Cafe
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Mystery, Suspense, Erotica, LGBTQ
Tropes: Kidnapping, Trafficking, Same-sex Relationships, BDSM
License: Ghostwriter Cafe Limited Perpetual License


No one comes to the rescue once you’ve been—Taken.

When a group of young people suddenly find they’ve been betrayed by their own family and taken to God only knows where to be trained and trafficked to the highest bidders of the world’s billionaires, bonding with other victims becomes the only way to stay alive.

Faced with an uncertain future, death seems to be the only way out.

But are all the victims of the elite sex-trafficking ring really there by some accident of fate? Who can you really trust? Or is there an even darker fate set for the teens that lurks beneath the surface of mere kidnapping?

Story Highlights

Taken is a journey into a world where the deviant and immoral becomes just another day at the office; where human beings are treated like product and traded like prized thoroughbreds. 

A paranormal romantic mystery thriller, Taken will lead you into a world where not everyone is who they seem. 

While not a dark horror kind of story, Taken is riveting to any reader of modern romance while it dives just below the surface of an unseen world of evil none of us wants to imagine even exists.

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