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Working Title: Deceptions
Written: 2022
Print Pages: 120
Word Count: 24,000
Series: Single Book / Sequel Available
Ghostwriter: Ghostwriter Cafe
Genres: Romance, Mystery, Suspense, Erotica, LGBTQ
Tropes: Student-Teacher, Psychological Thriller, Entrapment, BDSM
License: Ghostwriter Cafe Limited Perpetual License


When not everyone is who they seem to be ...

Jill can’t seem to catch a break. With her life falling apart at the seams, a recent college dropout with a controlling live-in boyfriend who watches her every move, and a dead-end job that barely pays the bills, she just needs to get away for a few hours of solitude to clear her head. 

But instead, life gets even more complicated when she unexpectedly crosses paths with Giovanni. But will their near instant friendship hold up under the weight of Jill’s seemingly train-wreck life? Or has Giovanni discovered something even more sinister about his new girlfriend and the life she had before?

A psychological mystery/thriller romance you won’t want to put down. There is plenty of action and twists and turns in this story that will leave you wondering what is real and what is imagined.

Story Highlights

A government research project goes awry leaving the hero and heroine caught in the middle. Steamy romance is scattered throughout the story as the plot unfolds leaving you wondering who is really the hero and heroine and who is really in-charge.

Deceptions is a fun read with a HEA that will leave you wanting a sequel.

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